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As a start up company why do i need marketing?

Updated: May 13, 2022

Start up marketing and branding are an integral part of company development. They help to establish your company and brand identity.

A clear vision and clear goals make it easier to develop a plan you can follow through, increasing the likelihood of success. You should consider the following as benefits to marketing at an early stage.

Establish your company identity

This is more than just a logo but is your personality. Once you have established your personality how you will express this is much easier to do. Expressing your core values shows coherence to the companies mission and makes you visible as a cohesive team

Differentiate from the competition

In today's market standing out from the competition is all important. Your branding and personality will help you do this. Ever heard the statement "people buy people" A clear identity makes it much easier to establish relationships when your company has a personality.

A suggestion of longevity

Establishing a brand as an identity serves as an assurance of longevity. Your company will look much more stable and developed with a strong brand. This should be driven in consistency of brand across all materials, presentations, website, digital marketing exhibition booths and any collaterals.


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