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Here you will see comments from some of the companies I have worked with previously.

Raising awareness of new products

Andy Sutcliffe-Senior Marketing Director EMEA 

I have had the fortune to work with Elizabeth in my career at 3 different orthopaedic companies, all in marketing roles.

The first instance, a company with an established hip and knee replacement business but new to the trauma sector. Elizabeth joined as a trauma sales representative but quickly stepped up to be the marketing manager. She immediately identified the issue with the company not being recognized for trauma products.

By talking to current joint replacement customers and potential new trauma customers she was able to understand the issues and create a marketing campaign to increase awareness of the products we offered in this sector. This campaign was made up of activities such as a direct mailing campaign and advertisement in the trauma journals. Alongside the external communications she had clear communication with the joint replacement team to get them on board with the company strategy and the planned activities.

This campaign led to additional new accounts, switching wholesale for their trauma products and additional leads that required an increase in headcount in the trauma sales team.

In future collaborations Elizabeth managed marketing in increasingly senior positions in multiple geographies. Elizabeth is an exceptional marketing talent and has a unique ability to align a focussed marketing strategy to support commercial objectives ensuring sales performance and success.

Image by Diego PH
Image by Markus Spiske

Roy Johnson-Chairman and CEO

Elizabeth joined me in a start up organization as the 9th employee and the first in any marketing capacity. She quickly got to grips with the technology and was able to pull together clear branding and messaging for the company as well as product we were developing. Just 6 weeks after her joining we exhibited at our first radiology conference, and I can say the outward facing company presentation she delivered far outweighed that of a company of our size, with a clear and simple explanation of a new company with a disruptive technology.

She continued to develop relationships with key personnel in radiology to be able to bring the customers perspective to the product development. She also developed some interesting digital campaigns alongside coverage with the BBC and Guardian newspaper. All these ensured we were part of the discussion on how to improve early cancer detection at a very early stage.

I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to develop branding and would suggest engaging in this activity at an early stage.

Building a brand

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