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Mastering LinkedIn: A Guide to Optimizing Your Personal Profile.

Many of us have thought about what to put in our LinkedIn profile when we first joined or when we are looking for a new position but outside of this we probably don't think about it. With millions of professionals using this platform, making your profile stand out is crucial. In this blog, we'll delve into various aspects of optimizing your LinkedIn profile to make it not only professional but also friendly and engaging.

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Profile Banner:

Your profile banner is the first thing people notice, so make it count. Choose an image that aligns with your professional brand or showcases your work. It could be a high-quality photo of your workspace, a professional event, or an image that resonates with your industry. If you don't add a banner image then you will have the stock image from LinkedIn.

Top Tip: Make sure your banner image is the right size (1128 pixels wide and 191 pixels high). Additionally, LinkedIn suggests using an image in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format and keeping the file size under 8MB for faster loading times.

Profile Headshot:

Your profile picture should be a clear headshot, it doesn't need to be professionally taken, but ensure good lighting, a neutral background, and a friendly yet professional expression. Remember, your face should be the focal point. Adding a boarder to the image can make you stand out. Especially in comments on a post where the image is very small, something different but still professional will make you stand out.


Your headline is not just a job title; it's an opportunity to convey what you do and what makes you unique. Be concise and use keywords relevant to your expertise. For example, instead of just "Marketing Manager," try "Innovative Marketing Strategist Driving Brand Growth."

Add in topics you talk about so people can see at a glance the types of posts they will see from you. It doesn't restrict you to only talking about these but is another opportunity to show the areas of interest to you.

Top Tip: Remember to add in a website link for your business so people can go straight to this from your profile rather than having to connect through to your company page first.

Contact Details:

Keep your contact details updated to facilitate easy connections. Include your professional email, and if comfortable, add a link to your website or portfolio. Many people look at LinkedIn and use it but don't connect, comment, or like posts so accessibility can open doors to new opportunities.

About Section:

This is your chance to tell your professional story. Make it engaging, focusing on your passion, skills, and what you bring to the table. Use the first person for a more personal touch. Provide concrete examples of projects you've worked on and results you've achieved. For instance: "With a proven track record in digital marketing, I've successfully led campaigns that increased online engagement by 30%. My innovative approach to strategy ensures not just brand visibility but also tangible growth."

Experience Section:

Share your professional journey in detail. Don't just list job responsibilities; highlight your accomplishments. Use quantifiable metrics whenever possible. If applicable, include volunteering experiences or any side projects that demonstrate additional skills or a commitment to social causes.

Volunteering or Similar:

If you've been involved in volunteering or other extracurricular activities, showcase them. Volunteering adds a human touch to your profile and demonstrates a commitment to community and personal growth. Whether it's organizing events, mentoring, or contributing to a cause, it reflects positively on your character.


Remember that your profile is a dynamic representation of you. Regularly update it to reflect your latest achievements and skills. By optimizing your profile banner, headline, contact details, about section, and experience section, you can present a well-rounded and compelling professional image on LinkedIn. Invest time in curating a profile that not only captures your professional expertise but also resonates with your personality. You can make changes and try it for a couple of months and if you don't see an increase in your connections and conversations following your activities amend it.

Many people will look at personal profiles of the people behind an organization before deciding to buy from them, develop a partnership or join the organization so make sure you are representing yourself well.

If you want any further help with your personal profile, company page, or Marketing in general please get in touch.

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